Hikaru Hayashi is a Japanese photographer who captures the day-to-day episodes that appear before him. 
After finishing his studies in photography in Vancouver, BC, he began working for clients while actively pursuing projects in the documentary field. In 2012, he was a photographer for an NGO run by UNESCO in Nepal, working to address issues concerning education and the need for more schools. Between 2013 and 2014, he participated in a group exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine about the aftermath of 3.11 and reported on issues not covered by mainstream media.  Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Email/ [email protected]
Phone/ +81 90 3963 3445(Japan)
       +49 170 477 6586(Germany)

Group Exhibition:

BERLINBLUE art gallery, Berlin, Germany. 
October 2018.

・“Pray for Fukushima”
Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum, Kiev, Ukraine.  July 2013-March 2014.


・Lab Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2017

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